Is Your Furnace Broken?

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What’s wrong with your furnace?

Repair and Service for All Brands

Uniworth heating and cooling LTD. service is available 24/7 if you have any problem with your heating in the house. We repair and service all makes and models of furnaces. We provide free parts of furnaces if furnace is under warranty with manufacture. We always recommend for yearly maintenance of furnace to keep it in good condition for proper heat in your house and for your comfort.

How Much Does an Uniworth Repair Cost?

Our technician visit and to diagnose the problem fee is only $69 + HST. If the problem is repairable without replacing any part than no extra charges, even it takes more then one hour

If part replacing is required to fix the problem, our technician will explain you everything and give you estimate on site.

Emergency Repairs 24/7

Uniworth assurance that our technicians are available for emergency calls 24/7, including all holidays.

Call us to schedule appointment for repair and maintenance anytime 24/7.